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Herbalife Breakfast Kit

Herbalife Breakfast Kit

Herbalife Breakfast Kit

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1 x Formula 1 – Shake Mix

The shake contains only 220 calories per serving, and is the perfect replacement meal. It contains 18g of protein, very few carbohydrates, and plenty of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you need to stay healthy and active. The shake is very easy to make – just mix 2-3 table spoons with 250ml of water or skim milk, mix it and it’s ready. For the best taste, make it in a blender, and throw in some fruits according to taste – half a banana, some raisins, whatever you think you will enjoy. It keeps you feeling full, your energy levels high, so eating less will never feel like a sacrifice. Best of all, the shake is absolutely delicious and comes in many great flavours and sticking to a new diet will be easier than ever.

1 x 50g Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extract


Low calorie – approx 6 kcal per serving.

One cup of Instant Herbal Beverage contains 85mg of caffeine to help increase alertness and improve concentration.

Our green tea is water extracted to give you the full spectrum of compounds found in green tea.

Available in Original, Lemon, Raspberry and Peach flavours.

Can be enjoyed hot or cold to suit your mood.

1 x Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Contains 40% Aloe Vera juice which is derived from the whole Aloe vera leaf.
The Aloe vera leaf is carefully picked and hand filleted to ensure the highest level of purity.
The Aloe gel is extracted using cold processing which is the best way to achieve the highest quality of gel.
Liven up your water with a refreshing taste to help you to achieve adequate fluid intake of 2-2.5 litres per day.
Mango flavoured: artificial flavouring and colourant free
Original flavoured: contains citrus to give your water a refreshing flavour twist

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